Prosperity Party Policies

Policy Overview- Prosperity Party Australia

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Manifesto (concise version)

  • We’re about a fairer financial deal for all Australians. A boost to living standards for all Australians.
  • We’re about efficiencies and better management of resources and public spending. Imagine a time and motion expert on every cog and wheel, delivering better performance and utilisation of Australia’s wealth.
  • We aim to convert the immensely wasteful public purse into a machine that reduces our national debt. We will achieve zero national debt within 5 years. Estimates of circa 30% current waste, underutilisation and inefficiency in public spending will no longer be tolerated.
  • We’re sick of Australia’s largest companies paying no tax, and overseas companies syphoning Australian profits overseas. Corporates or on notice that to do business in Australia we demand fair and equitable taxation of profits and attempts to shift profits overseas will be met with supertaxes and penalties.
  • What comes from the earth is Australia’s wealth. Mining profits are part of all Australian’s wealth and needs to be shared accordingly.
  • We’re proponents of a flat tax rate, so everyone has a sense of contribution regardless of their income. This also incentivises rather than punishes harder work and larger earnings.
  • We will end poverty and homelessness in Australia. We can afford to house, clothe and feed all our disadvantaged while they find useful employment.
  • We will regain control of essential services such as power generation and distribution, water preservation and reticulation, and put a price on carbon.
  • We will subsidise agricultural farmers and graziers to boost Australia’s capacity as the preferred world food bowl supplier.